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For Immediately Release ( November 1st, 2004 , Taipei , Taiwan )
Mio Technology is aggressively promoting the Mio brand, and as part of these efforts it recently participated in several major international trade shows. These included WPC EXPO 2004 in Japan, Asia's largest exhibition devoted to digital technology, as well Italy's and the Netherlands' most important shows-SMAU 2004 and iTrendz, respectively. Taking advantage of the considerable attention that these events draw in terms of media coverage and attendance by the public, Mio Technology was able to successfully raise the profile of the Mio brand among consumers in these countries. A key strand in Mio Technology's global marketing strategy is to establish and cultivate brand awareness while taking into account the distinctive characteristics of individual markets, thereby strengthening brand cachet.

Mio Technology's presence at WPC EXPO 2004 marked the first time the company has exhibited at what is Japan 's biggest-in fact, the largest in all of Asia -trade show devoted to digital technologies. The show took place from October 20 to 23 at Tokyo 's Big Sight exhibition center. Though the first day of the show coincided with the arrival of a major typhoon, it drew more than 260,000 people. At the show, Mio Technology had the entire Mio Pocket PC lineup on display, anchored by the Mio 168 handheld GPS system. The event garnered a great deal of publicity in Japan , enabling Mio Technology to gain media coverage and raise consumer awareness of the Mio brand.

Mio Technology also participated in Italy 's SMAU 2004, which ran from October 21 to 25 in Milan . This exhibition is Italy 's most important computer show for the domestic market, and roughy 40% of its attendees are buyers from around southern Europe . Mio Technology highlighted the high-tech stylishness of Mio products, demoing the business user-oriented Mio 8390 phone as well as the Mio 168. The 10,000 product brochures that Mio Technology had prepared for distribution at the show were completely gone by the end of the four days, ample testimony to the high level of interest that Mio excited among consumers and buyers at the show.

Mio Technology also participated in the iTrendz multimedia show in the Netherlands ' Utrecht . Also the premier exhibition aimed at domestic consumers in the host country, iTrendz took place from October 22 to 25. Mio Technology had on show its business user-oriented mobile phones and the Mio 168. It was able to effectively generate publicity in the media for Mio and create a buzz among consumers through its presence at the show.

Mio Technology general manager Samuel Wang stated, "As we work to bring Mio to worldwide markets, we are also incrementally building up brand recognition. In addition to sponsoring a driver at recent PICCA auto racing events, we have participated in these major shows in Japan , Italy , and the Netherlands . That has enabled us to link the Mio brand to events that generated a lot of local publicity, which increased brand recognition and consumer identification with the brand message. We've made progress in conveying the Mio spirit of innovation, youth, and vitality in these key markets."

Photo Captions: Photos of Mio Technology's exhibition booths

Photo 1: Japan's WPC EXPO 2004
Photo 2: Italy's SMAU 2004
Photo 3: The Netherlands'iTrendz

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