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  • Mio 136 Handheld GPS System Wins Acclaim At Microsoft Road Show
From November 12, 2004 to February 4, 2005, Microsoft is hosting a series of large-scale road shows in China. Scheduled to take place in the major Chinese metropolitan hubs of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, a total of 50 events will be held. At the road shows, Microsoft is demoing products such as Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, as well as a range of its mobile technologies.

According to marketing executives at Microsoft, the 50 road show events will take place at shopping malls, office buildings, and college campuses in China's four key cities. The road shows are targeted at various consumer groups, publicizing the newest products based on Microsoft technology platforms, and have won the enthusiastic support of a number of Microsoft's mobile technology OEM partners. The road shows held thus far have attracted large crowds eager to try out new products for themselves.

Mio Technology-internationally known for manufacturing and marketing handheld computers, smart phones, and handheld GPS devices under the Mio DigiWalker brand-has been one the hottest attractions at the shows. Large crowds of spectators have been eager to see and try out the Mio 8390, the world's first smart phone based on a WinTel platform, and the Mio 136, a dual-mode GPS system that can be used as handheld or mounted in a car and that was just launched in Beijing. Many inquired about where they could purchase one for themselves. The Mio 136 integrates electronic maps, providing users detailed information on roads, waterways, railroads, landmarks, and scenic attractions, as well as navigation help for getting to hospitals, restaurants, bars, gas stations, banks, and other frequent destinations. With the help of the Mio 136, drivers need only set their destination and the system will automatically determine the best route. Moreover, it can provide thoughtful voice hints to warn about wrong turns.

To date, three large-scale road show events have been held in Beijing. According to statistics, close to 10,000 people have participated in each event, and a total of nearly 500,000 people are expected to participate in the entire series of 50 events and experience Microsoft's mobile lifestyle devices for themselves.

The Mio 136 is the perfect companion for drivers.

The visitors were highly interested in knowing Mio 136

the Mio products display in the showcase along with other products based on Microsoft's operating system

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