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  • Mio Technology Becomes Top Two Navigation Device Vendor In EMEA

Mio Technology has become the number two vendor of integrated GPS mobile devices across Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) securing an impressive market share of 14.4% in Q1 2005 according to the latest figures from market analysts, Canalys.

These figures include sales of Mio Technology's Mio168 (a personal digital assistant – PDA – with an integrated GPS antenna), as well as the Mio268 and Mio269, the company's new consumer satellite navigation devices. They have been recorded in what is Mio Technology's fifth quarter of sales in the region.

Since its launch in Europe, Mio Technology has focused on the GPS navigation features of its mobile device range to drive PDA sales, a strategy complemented by the launch in February 2005 of its dedicated consumer navigation devices.

Chris Jones, Canalys director and senior analyst, described Mio Technology as rapidly making an impact in this new market segment.

"The integrated GPS mobile device market covers a range of products, from PDAs to dedicated portable navigation devices. It is characterised by a new type of consumer, one whose purchases are driven more by navigation requirements than traditional computing or entertainment functionality," says Jones. "Mio Technology has quickly established itself in this market by focusing on these requirements and pricing products competitively," he adds.

Jean Baptiste Bot, PDA sales manager at FNAC confirms the increased popularity of such devices in France.

"With Mio Technology's new Mio269 and Mio268 we've been able to attract a new type of customer who would not normally buy a PDA but is attracted by the navigation functionality – and by the look and feel of the devices. We've seen the sales of these devices take off in France since their launch in February 2005," says Jean Baptiste Bot.

Leo Exter, marketing & communications manager EMEA for Mio Technology, explains that the company's strategy is generating results.

"Mio Technology's vision is all about taking a technology and making it accessible to consumers – both in terms of ease of use and in terms of bringing very good value at a reasonable price. That's what Mio269 and Mio268 are all about. It's this combination that allowed us to tap into a brand new market, contributing to our good results in Europe".

Mio Technology's Mio168, the PDA with integrated GPS launched in early 2004, is also performing remarkably well: sales have increased a staggering 1,600% year-on-year securing for Mio Technology the number five position in Europe for PDAs with a 7% market share.