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(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Taipei, Taiwan, June 22 2005) Mio Technology has launched a number of new portable GPS devices in Korea, Hong Kong and the US recently. June 21, in Hong Kong, the company introduced the Mio169 for the local market, as well as Mio269 versions for Europe and for the United States, a Mio138 version for Korea, and a Mio 168 version for Japan. The availability of multiple versions of Mio GPS products in Hong Kong will allow travelers in transit through Hong Kong to easily purchase the version for their home country. Mio Technology chose Hong Kong for this simultaneous launch because of its status as an Asian transportation hub. The company's move marks the first time a vendor has launched in a single region handheld GPS devices for multiple countries.

Mio Technology also jointly launched the Mio169 and Mio268 in Seoul, Korea on June 22 with its Korean partner LG International. In Korea, where it holds the largest market share for portable GPS products, Mio Technology's twin goals are to solidify its leading position and expand the market. In addition, following up on its introduction of the Mio136 and Mio168RS in the United States at the beginning of this year, Mio Technology yesterday launched a version of Mio269 there with digital maps of the entire country. It is anticipated that once the new handheld devices are available on the market, they will have a positive impact on Mio Technology's overall sales.

Located at the crossroads of numerous Asian transportation routes, Hong Kong annually receives over 4 million travelers from Europe, the US, Japan and Korea in transit to other destinations. With an eye on the globalization trend, Mio Technology has selected Hong Kong to simultaneously launch versions of portable GPS devices for multiple countries. These versions include a Mio269 with maps of all of Western Europe, a Mio269 including maps covering the entire US, the Mio138 that has been such a hot-seller in Korea, and a version of the Mio168 for Japan. Travelers passing through Hong Kong can purchase a Mio for any of these countries right at Hong Kong International Airport, taking them back home, ready for immediate use. Mio Technology also announced its PDA/GPS combo system, the Mio169, which includes maps for all of Hong Kong, plus maps for China's Guangdong, Shenzhen, and Dongyuan Provinces. The Mio169's built-in high-sensitivity antenna provides excellent GPS reception and accurate positioning even in skyscraper-dense Hong Kong. With maps for Guangdong, Shenzhen, and Dongyuan also included, the Mio169 is an extremely convenient GPS solution for persons who make frequent business or recreational trips to the areas of China adjoining Hong Kong—in an attractively priced and easy-to-use device.

Early this year, Mio Technology entered into an alliance with key Korean trading company LG International. The two companies joined forces to target the Korean GPS market, and the Mio138, Mio136, and Mio168RS that they launched in the first half of the year have been enthusiastically received by Korean consumers. Mio Technology and LG International are following up on this success, jointly introducing the Mio169 and Mio268. Mio Technology's ability to maintain its market share lead in the intensely competitive Korean consumer electronics market while introducing a series of new products demonstrates that the Mio products' combination of ease-of-use and best price/performance has hit a sweet spot in the market for consumer-oriented GPS products.

A Mio Technology spokesperson stated: "What Mio Technology is offering consumers is not just easy-to-use products and thoughtful design, but also a diverse range of services. We hope to satisfy the GPS needs of different types of users. Also, by launching versions of GPS products for different countries in Hong Kong, we are giving travelers in transit a convenient means of buying a Mio for their home countries, while ensuring that they will be covered by Mio Technology's warranty and after-sales service. Selling Mio GPS products at Hong Kong International Airport will enhance also the globalized image of the Mio brand."

Mio portable GPS Product Backgrounder
Mio268: Using the Windows CE operating system, the Mio268 is a portable GPS system designed specifically for drivers. It incorporates the latest high-sensitivity GPS reception system and embedded antenna for faster, more accurate positioning. Emphasizing crisp display quality and easy operation, the Mio268 gives users a new driving experience. The Mio268 is currently sold mainly in Europe, Taiwan, and Korea.

Mio269: Similar to the Mio268, the Mio269 differs in incorporating a hard disk drive for storing maps covering a large region—for example, maps covering all of Western Europe in the European version, and maps for all of the United States in the version for that country. For those who need it, the extra storage provided by the built-in hard disk drive spares them the need to switch map data when traveling far afield.

Mio136: Mio Technology's first handheld GPS device using the Windows CE operating system. It features an easy-to-use interface and humanized design, greatly reducing barriers to mainstream usage. The Mio136 is currently sold mainly in Taiwan, Korea, China, the US, and Australia.

Mio138: Also using Windows CE, this handheld GPS system features a pop-up GPS reception system, and a very stylish design that has been enthusiastically received by trend-conscious Korean consumers.

Mio169: The world's first PDA/GPS combo device to support the landscape display orientation suited for reading, the Mio169 features a button for easy switching between portrait and landscape display modes. With the latest high-sensitivity GPS reception system, the Mio169 provides even better performance in navigation assistance.

Mio168RS: Offering both a comprehensive GPS system and powerful PDA functionality, the Mio168RS provides the best price/performance among competing products, which has helped make it one of Mio Technology's hottest sellers.

Pic1~3:Mio Technology Debuts New Portable GPS Devices in Hong Kong, including whole map of Hong Kong, Dongguan, and Guangzhou.


Pic4:Mio Technology has launched a number of new portable GPS devices in Hong Kong, including Mio168 version for Japan, Mio169 for HK market, Mio269 versions for Europe and for the United States, a Mio138 version for Korea.

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