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  • Mio Technology Extends Personal GPS Portfolio with Two New Products Available in Canadian Market
Fremont, California - August 1, 2006 - Mio Technology Ltd., a leading worldwide supplier of personal GPS navigation devices, today announced availability of two new products in the Canadian market. The Mio DigiWalker C710 is a premium, Bluetooth-enabled, portable entertainment and navigation device and the Mio DigiWalker C210s is an affordable entry-point for budget-conscious shoppers. The new products address both ends of the growing portable navigation market.

The C710's media player for digital video, photos, and music is the perfect fit for everyone from business executives who want to watch home movies away from home, parents who would like to give the kids something to watch in the car or commuters who want to listen to music or audio books while on the move. It also ships with pre-loaded Canadian and U.S. maps. In addition, an integrated Bluetooth transmitter/receiver is included for connection with cell phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The stylish C210s comes loaded with Canadian maps and runs on four AA batteries or a car charger.

"Mio is providing consumers with more than navigation devices by expanding product features to include photo viewing, movies, music and Bluetooth connectivity -- creating a complete handheld multimedia system," said Kiyoshi Hamai, North American sales director, Mio Technology Ltd. "We understand consumers demand for more from their personal gadgets and designed the C710 as a lifestyle device as much as a navigation tool."

Mio DigiWalker C710 delivers entertainment and navigation in one package:

Getting from point A to B is more than just finding a destination and the C710 provides convenience and safety with real-time traffic updates, as well as access to more than 5 million points of interest to easily navigate to everything from restaurants to police stations to theme parks. With a stylish black chassis, the unit provides both visual and verbal directions to the user's destination using an extra-sensitive GPS receiver and maps stored on the device's internal memory. The personal multimedia navigator is designed to be mounted in a car and easily transported to another vehicle or wherever you need it. It features a large 3.5" screen for easy readability whether you are navigating the streets or your photo album.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows users to easily link the device with their Bluetooth-enabled peripherals, computers or cell phones. To make it home on time, the real-time traffic monitoring updates alert users to avoid problems like road construction zones and toll roads. The media player allows users to view photos and play video files. Enabled with a built-in DivX media player and JPEG support for photos, consumers can listen to their MP3 music files, browse through a photo album and watch videos. Continuing on its promise for ease of use, users' play lists and songs can be quickly loaded via the USB port. It has a robust 2 GB of flash ROM and comes preloaded with maps of both the US and Canada. The device includes an SD/MMC reader for flexible memory options. Requiring no setup fee or a monthly charge, the C710 is a perfect aftermarket alternative to today's expensive built-in automotive GPS systems or the reoccurring costs of cell phone GPS systems.

Mio DigiWalker C210s, an affordable alternative:

At $399.95 Canadian, the Mio DigiWalker C210s is priced lower than many personal navigation products currently on the market, helping put GPS technology in the hands of a wider range of consumers. With the drivers' safety in mind, the C210s offers an easy-to-use touch screen interface for quick control without the need for a stylus. It features turn-by-turn voice and text navigation (supports English, Spanish and French) which allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road. A built-in speaker makes it easy to hear the voice commands over road noise or rowdy passengers.

Whether traveling to the corner store or across the country, the C210s is the perfect choice to keep drivers on track with preloaded Canadian maps and the "Go There" on-screen function, which assists in pinpointing a local hot spot or finding a hotel in another province. The device also has an SD/MMC slot for easy data loading of Canadian map data, to keep all maps and point-of-interest searches up to date. Mio continues its commitment to provide consumers with trendy products that fit the user's lifestyle, as evident with the Mio DigiWalker C210s' sleek design, 4-ounce weight and battery-powered operation. Getting around in unfamiliar areas or finding alternative routes due to changing circumstances or conditions couldn't be easier.

Feature Comparison:

 Model name  C710  C210s 
 Memory  2GB ROM, 64MB RAM   64 MB RAM
 Storage format

 SD/MMC Memory  Expansion Slot

 SD/MMC Memory  Expansion Slot
 Maps preloaded  U.S and Canada   Canada 
 Screen  3.5" TFT with Touth  Screen and 65K colors  2.7" TFT with Touch  Screen and 65K colors
 Ports  USB v1.1  Supports external TMC  antenna/USB v1.1
 Weights  6 oz (170 grams)  3.88 oz (110 grams)
 Dimensions  4.33" x 3.03" x 0.78"  3.35" x 2.32" x 0.74"
 Traffic  Monitoring  Embedded - three month  free trial, then $75 per  year  No
 Text-to-Speech  Directions  Yes  No
 GPS recepiton  SiRFstarIII 20 Channel  WAAS Enabled  SiRFstarIII 20 Channel
 MP3 while  navigation  Yes  No
 Video player  Yes  No
 Photo viewer  Yes  No

Price and Availability

The MSRP for the Mio DigiWalker C710 is $599.99 Canadian and is available immediately. The product will be available in Staples Canada and at a number of online outlets. The MSRP for the Mio DigiWalker C210s is $399.95 Canadian and is available immediately. The product is available chain-wide at Zellars and Staples Canada.
Sammy Huang, Taiwan PR Office, Mio Technology Ltd.
Telephone: 886-2-2627-1188 ext. 1577

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