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  • Mio Technology Brings Innovative Product Line-up to Taiwan for Computex 2007

Mio Technology Brings Innovative Product Line-up to Taiwan for Computex 2007
~ Taiwanese tradeshow offers glimpse into future of the GPS market ~

Fremont, California – June 7, 2007 – Mio Technology Ltd., a leading worldwide supplier of personal GPS navigation devices, is showcasing its complete product line-up — including its newest car and handheld navigation systems as well as GPS-enabled phones and PDAs — at Computex 2007, one of the largest international consumer electronics events. The Mio Technology booth (TICC/Hall 4, Booth 101B) will offer a sneak peek at several innovative navigation products that while not yet available in North America, provide a glimpse into the future of the Mio Technology product line.

"We’ve made big waves in North America over the past 12 months with the success of Mio's DigiWalker™ C310x and DigiWalker H610 and more recently with the DigiWalker C220 and DigiWalker C520. The good news for consumers is our product pipeline is still full," said Kiyoshi Hamai, North American sales director, Mio Technology Ltd. "We're listening to customer feedback in each geographic market we serve and introducing devices that meet specific consumer demands for portable navigation. Each product may not make its way to every region, but Computex provides a great venue to showcase what's possible with our innovative technology."

Car Navigation
On display will be the latest in Mio Technology's line-up of widescreen car navigation systems, including the Mio DigiWalker C220 and DigiWalker C520, recently introduced in North America, along with the DigiWalker C320 and DigiWalker C720.  Featuring 4.3-inch widescreen displays, the devices are great for viewing maps and visualized driving instructions.

In addition to its widescreen car navigation systems, Mio Technology will for the first time show navigation systems with TV viewing and recording functionality, including the 7-inch Mio DigiWalker C517 designed specifically for the Korean market. Equipped with a built-in Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB) receiver and a spacious screen, the C517 is not only great for navigation but also for entertainment on the go, allowing users to watch and record DMB TV programs. For TV viewing in Japan, Mio Technology also offers the 4.3-inch Mio DigiWalker C523. 

GPS PDA Phones
For consumers seeking devices with all-in-one functionality, Mio Technology is showcasing two of its newest GPS PDA phones, the Mio DigiWalker A501 and A702. Featuring built-in GPS antennas, Windows Mobile® and phone capabilities, the devices allow users to organize, connect and navigate using one stylish and compact device.  Computex 2007 is the first time the Mio DigiWalker A702 will be shown to the public.

Navsteadi™ High-Precision Navigation Technology
Mio Technology will also feature its new Navsteadi high-precision navigation technology. Designed to enhance the reliability of car navigation systems, Navsteadi uses closely-coupled GPS and dead-reckoning (DR) sensor measurements, such as acceleration and heading data, to improve positioning accuracy in environments where GPS signals are weak or blocked. This technology is extremely helpful in areas such as dense urban canyons or tunnels.

Mio Technology Computex 2007 Booth Partners
Mio Technology has teamed-up with a number of its closest industry partners, including SiRF Technology, TeleAtlas, Xilinx and Texas Instruments. These partners will display their latest innovations and solutions in the Mio Technology booth.
About Mio Technology Ltd. (MTL)
Mio Technology Ltd. (MTL) operations are worldwide. Foreseeing that the mobile lifestyle and mobile commerce will be mainstays of life in the near future, the company is dedicated to the development of enabling devices.  Its main business is the sale of Mio DigiWalker™ - branded mobile communication products, such as smartphones, Pocket PCs and handheld GPS systems.  For additional information on MTL and its products, the North American headquarters are located at 47988 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538.  Phone (510) 252-6950 • fax (510) 252-6930 • e-mail at sales@miogps.com. The company is online at www.mio-tech.com.