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The Economical Routing function calculates the most fuel-efficient route by assessing the number of turns and traffic lights for your journey.
Save fuel routing with fewer turns and traffic lights
Plan trips in advance from your PC. Browse Google Maps™ on your PC, select the locations you want to visit and transfer them to your Mio device using the included USB cable. Great for planning trips with multiple points of interest.
Select locations on Google Maps™ and transfer them to your Mio for navigation
Use NavPix™  Photo Navigation to easily plan trips without the need for inputting addresses. Download free geotagged photos from sites like Google™ and Flickr™ for use as photo POIs.
One-touch photo navigation for quickly finding places to explore
Unleash the power of your Mio Moov GPS using the MioMore™ Desktop 2 software application on your PC. Conveniently personalize POIs, plan routes, search and download geotagged photos and more.
Easily plan routes and manage content on your PC using MioMore™ Desktop 2