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Moov 200

So much in a small package
  • 3.5" Display
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Preloaded Maps of the US

  • Mio Moov 200 – The most equipped GPS navigation for your journey

    Created with a single purpose in mind, Mio Moov 200 reinvents GPS navigation. Preloaded maps of the U.S., Text-to-Speech for spoken street names and over 3.5 million Point of Interest locations make it easier than ever to get where you’re going, no matter where that may be.

    • GPS. As easy as 1,2,3
      Mio Moov 200 was designed from the ground up with one purpose – to make it as easy as possible for people to enjoy the benefits of GPS navigation. The device itself is built around a bright, clear touchscreen, and every control, button and menu has been optimized for ease of use and fast access to the most often used features. Life can be confusing, your GPS navigation should not be. Mio Moov 200 makes it easy to get where you’re going.
    • Taking it to the streets
      While most GPS devices will alert you that you are “about to turn left in 100 yards”, Mio Moov 200 goes a step further and includes an advanced Text-to-Speech feature which will read you the actual street name as your next turn approaches. This way, you won’t just hear “turn left in 100 yards”, you’ll know that you are about to “turn left in 100 yards – Washington Boulevard”. Now you can spend more time watching the road and less time watching your GPS.
    • Step 1 . . . GO!
      One of the best features of Mio Moov 200is the fact that it is 100% ready to go – right out of the box. With Mio Moov 200, all the maps are preloaded and waiting for you to select your destination. Mio Moov 200 also includes a full set of accessories such as a windshield mount and car charger. Simply plug it in, turn it on and go. It’s just that easy. It really, really is.