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Moov 210

The route of least resistance
  • 3.5" Display
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Real-Time Traffic

  • Mio Moov 210 – The most equipped GPS navigation for your journey

    Whoever said great things come in small packages could have been talking about the Moov 210. It comes equipped with preloaded maps of the U.S., Text-to-Speech for spoken street names and over 3.5 million Points of Interest. And, with 12 months of free real-time traffic updates to help you avoid the traffic jams, accidents, detours and more, you’ll not only arrive at your destination faster but you’ll get there a lot less stressed. Isn’t that what you should expect from your GPS navigation system?

    • Go with the flow
      One of the biggest challenges faced by drivers today is traffic. Traffic jams, slowdowns, accidents, detours – even delays due to weather – all conspire to make it hard to get where you’re going. Mio Moov 210 provides 12 months of free real-time traffic updates which will show you where the trouble areas may be so that you can easily route around them. So relax. Mio Moov 210 can help.
    • GPS. EZ.
      You have places to go. You have things to do. Life gets busy. You don’t have time to struggle with your GPS as you are looking for addresses. You need a simple navigation device that will simply get you where you want to go. Mio Moov 210 is this vice. It was built from the ground up to be easy to own and easy to use, from the design of the device itself to the design of the software interface. Gone are confusing menus and overwhelming screens. You’ll see big, bright buttons, easy to read instructions and hear crisp clear voice commands. GPS has arrived. Now you can too.
    • Lip service
      Your GPS navigation device is supposed to tell you where to go. But sometimes the directions can get confusing. Some GPS devices will tell you that you are “about to turn left in 100 yards”. But what happens when there are two left turns, one after the other? Do you really want to have to take your eyes off the road to check the screen on the GPS navigation? Mio Moov 210 takes the worry out of driving by reading you actual street names as you drive. No longer do you need to stare at the small screen – if you need to turn onto Main Street – Mio Moov 210 will tell you to turn left onto Main Street. Genius!